Emering was established in 2003. Its headoffice is in Lappeenranta-Finland, some 220 km East of Helsinki, just next to the Lappeenranta airport and railway station. The company has sales offices also in Vantaa-Helsinki/Finland, Estonian capital Tallinn, Brussels, and in Shanghai.

The enterprise was founded by long time professionals in this field having profound experience in paper, and other heavy industrial machinery as to the maintenance, up keeping the production rate, and administering the dynamic and static strength of the production entities.

Emering has developed and created its own analytical-programs that guarantee its clients accurate and reliable information about the objects being analyzed. The targets of the vibrations, metal fatigue of the structures, strength analyses of paper, pulp, and steel industrial machinery as well as their auxiliary devices, where dynamics and the great loads effecting the life span of machines, their operation, production quality, and the eventual increase in production capacity..

The analyses are based on the results achieved through the accurate and reliable vibration, and strain measurements. Moreover the analysing method will also point out the operational working points of the machines and devices, resulting in the discovery of solutions to lower the risk of breakdown.

The realiable analytical programs of Emering have made it possible for several enterprises to find a quick and economic solutions for problems and/or the assurance to increase the production.

Emering works closely together with leading universities and companies.